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I decided to start Game Changers after years in the trades and seeing a need for a place for people from all trades to be able to get together and collaborate with one another on a real business platform where you can talk to people in your same industry or others; and gain insight from people that have been through the same and or other struggles than you have. I wanted to create a place so that we can help protect each other from scams or businesses trying charge us outrageous amounts of money for advertising that doesn't work or junk equipment that we buy as an investment and it is only half as good as the one that you found a few months later. Its a lot easier to come to your group of friends and ask what they are using or what they have found; than to take hours or days that we don't have searching for the best product or deal when we can make them come to us. I want a place where we are not the only ones that have to worry about a bad review, if a customer is a bad customer we can review them too.

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